FabFitFun Box Winter 2017

My last FabFitFun! This box wasn’t bad, but definitely confirms that its not something I make total use of. I usually use about 3 of the products in these boxes regularly, while the rest just kind of sit around my apartment. I will say that all of the products are always excellent quality though and I do usually love them! Here’s what I got… BB Dakota Poncho in black: This is really cute in theory, but its so huge when I put it on (I believe it only comes in one size). I look kind of ridiculous in it…like I’m just wrapped in a big blanket haha. Its definitely cozy though, but just not sure how much use I’ll get …

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Daily Life

De-Cluttering & NYC

Its a post that isn’t about a subscription box! =O Speaking of subscription boxes, I’ll be honest with you…I’m unsubscribing from the majority of them (save for Book of the Month, which I actually use). I’ve already unsubbed from Ellie…while it was great, my workout schedule as of late has been non-existent, and I already have quite a bit of workout clothes. I’ll also be unsubbing from FabFitFun after I receive this Winter box (I knowww it was my favorite!). I just found that I wasn’t really using all of the products sent and they were just contributing to clutter. There’s only so many scarves and facial exfoliants one girl can have (and really, I feel like that’s kind of …

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Ellie Box (October)

Its Ellie Box time! I’ve been limiting these to every quarter (due to expense but also because I haven’t been to the gym in like…a month? eek!). Also really excited because Ellie now has a less expensive 3-item plan where you only receive the clothing items instead of the 2 other workout gear items. While I did love some of the gear I received, I find myself rarely using them whereas the clothing I will definitely use. This month was a little different in that instead of receiving a sports bra, they sent a jacket. They also informed you beforehand that the jacket ran a little roomy, so I was able to size down before it was sent out. Here …

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