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Belated Post-Move Post

Better late than never, right? Almost 2 weeks ago Steve and I finally moved into our house in South Jersey! Everything with the move went pretty smoothly. Jesse was surprisingly subdued, though he took a little time to adjust to the new place. Now he’s fairly comfortable. His favorite spots are chilling on the steps and the sofa downstairs (which he’s unfortunately started scratching at. NOO!) The house is beautiful and everything is working really well so far! I was pretty anxious about our neighbors being loud since Steve had mentioned it, but it really hasn’t been bad at all. We pretty much only hear them when they’re outside (which they are pretty much all the time but oh well). …

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Haircare Product Reviews

Redken No Blow Dry Air Dry Cream

I’m on a roll with this blogging thang lately! I just purchased a couple new products from Redken, one of which is this No Blow Dry (or “NBD” as they call it) cream. I’ve been a pretty loyal Redken fan over the past year or so (their shampoo and conditioner in the All Soft line which is my favorite!) and Ulta was having a buy 2 get one free sale, so I dug around to see what else I could get. This cream caught my eye, since I rarely ever blow dry my hair and usually let it air dry but then end up heat styling it to death afterwards.These air dry creams seem to be all the rage right …

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Book of The Month Book Reviews

Book of the Month Reviews: Winter 2018

Okay guys, I think I can actually handle these quarterly mini-reviews! Definitely more doable than monthly ones 🙂 Here are the three books I received for the first quarter of this year from Book of the Month! JAN: As Bright as Heaven by Susan Meissner This isn’t usually the genre of book I’d normally get (which would be chick thrillers I guess) but this was set in Philadelphia so I was intrigued! It also had really great reviews. The cover of the book is of the Logan Square fountain which is pretty cool. The story is set in the early 20th century (1918) and follows a family of 3 sisters and their parents as they move from Quakertown to Philadelphia …

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